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Living in a country like Canada is everybody’s dream. A healthy economy, stable political and business environment, breathtaking nature, and many other advantages make this destination extremely attractive to immigrants. Despite all the benefits it has to offer, the Great White North is one of the most expensive places to live. There might be a few surprises if you decided to have a fresh start there. The prices for food, utilities, and accommodation might catch you off guard. This is exactly why you should take care of the financial situation and order fake Canadian currency far in advance. Move to a new country without any worries about facing bankruptcy. With us, you won’t need to think about how to make ends meet. You can avail yourself of everything from luxury hotels to fancy clothing and luxury cars. 

Here at Docs and Counterfeit, we make your dreams come true. We sell undetectable fake Canadian money of premium quality at a bargain price. We’ll help you get back on track and forget about budgeting. Now you will be able to spend money freely without thinking of consequences while enjoying your life in this gorgeous country.

Our forged banknotes look exactly like genuine ones and have all the same special security features on them, including 3D ribbons, watermarks, security threads, and fine-line patterns. What is more, we use top-notch printing and engraving technologies to make sure our clients get the most out of their purchases in our store. The only difference between real Australian notes and our fake currencies is that the last ones are not issued by the National Bank, which makes them not legitimate. Truth to be told, all money is just paper. However, only the government has the right to decide whether it’s legal or not.

Here at Docs and Counterfeit, we employ world-class specialists who use all their knowledge and experience to produce fake Canadian dollars of supreme quality. Our cutting-edge and innovative equipment allows us to create grade-A products that comply with international quality standards. That is why when shopping at Counterfeit Doc., you can be absolutely sure that our fake CAD for sale will enable you to pay with them anywhere without any worries of being caught by police. 


  • Our Currencies are created from the same paper as the real money (75% cotton and 25% linen)
  • The proper seals and fonts of serial numbers are used
  • Holograms, metallic threads, and watermarks are applied 
  • They pass all the security tests, including UV-light and pen checks. 

Our website was specifically designed to provide the most pleasant shopping experience for you. You can easily choose the currency you need, the required amount, and place your order in a few simple steps. It’s easy and safe to purchase counterfeit Canadian dollars from us. We offer a quick, safe, and discreet delivery of our fake CAD for sale right to your doorstep. Our company guarantees complete anonymity to all clients for their peace of mind. We take security very seriously, which is why you can rest easy knowing that your confidentiality won’t be compromised by any means. 

We also do more than 150 Currencies including;

EUR – Euro
USD – US Dollar
GBP – British Pound
INR – Indian Rupee
AUD – Australian Dollar
CAD – Canadian Dollar
AED – Emirati Dirham
ZAR – Rand
CHF – Swiss Franc
CNY – Chinese Yuan Renminbi
MYR – Malaysian Ringgit
THB – Thai Baht
NZD – New Zealand Dollar
SAR – Saudi Arabian Riyal
QAR – Qatari Riyal
and many other currencies.

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